Congregational Preschool Board Member Application
The Board of Directors is open to parents of current or past preschool students, as well as any interested community members. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6 pm. We review board applications periodically throughout the school year. Thank you for your interest!
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Please list involvement in any community organizations, including the name of the organization, position held, and the year(s) you were involved.
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Demographics/Other Data
Please provide the following information about yourself, being as honest as possible. Your answers will help us develop a well-rounded governance team.
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Do you now or have you ever served on other nonprofit boards? *
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What strengths or influence do you feel you would bring to the Congregational Preschool Board of Directors? *
Please list any other comments, questions, or concerns related to serving on the Board of Directors, if you have any.
Board Member Responsibilities and Expectations
  1. I will be an advocate and ambassador for the organization and its mission to the general public and various groups. I will stay informed about current events within the organization. I will ask questions and request information. I will participate and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other board matters.

  2. I will attend an orientation/training session to become familiar with the organization, its mission, budget and the role of board members.

  3. I will attend board meetings, read board material sent out prior to the meeting, and come prepared to actively participate and discuss items on the agenda. Board members should not miss more than two meetings per year except in special circumstances and shall notify the board president or Executive Director when unable to attend. 

  4. I will serve on a committee using my experience, time, connections, education and/or business expertise to help the organization. 

  5. I will learn and understand the organization’s policies and programs, bylaws, capabilities and needs and be able to accurately articulate and represent them.

  6. I will be available and accessible to share resources, talent, expertise, and ideas with staff and other board members.

  7. I will commit to increasing my skills/knowledge as a board member throughout my tenure.

  8. I will accept fiduciary, ethical, and legal responsibility for the organization, oversee its financial health, and will help to hold fellow board members and staff to professional standards. 

  9. I will understand and respect the distinction between the board’s role as policy maker and the Executive Director’s role as policy implementer and manager of operations.

  10. I understand the Board of Directors makes decisions in accordance with the bylaws and individual board members have no authority unless specifically granted by the board.

  11. I will review the annual budget prior to voting on it, review the annual audit, and work to ensure the organization uses its resources effectively toward fulfillment of its mission.

  12. I will review and abide by the organization's Code of Ethics/Conflict of Interest policy.

I agree to the above responsibilities and expectations. *
Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
The information provided is considered confidential and will only be provided to the Executive Director/Administrator, Board of Directors, and staff that need to be aware of the potential conflict to avoid creating an actual conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest.
Please describe below any relationships, transactions, positions you hold (volunteer or otherwise), or circumstances that you believe could contribute to a conflict of interest between Congregational Preschool and your personal interests, financial or otherwise. *
If you indicated that you have a conflict or potential conflict of interest, please specify other nonprofit and/or for-profit boards you (or your spouse/partner) sit on, and for-profit businesses for which you or an immediate family member are an officer, director, or a majority shareholder, and the name of your employer and any businesses you or a family member own.
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