LizardNet Minecraft server s2: Player Application

Welcome! Use this form to request access to LizardNet Minecraft Server s2 (LizardNet Public 1).

Please ensure that you have read and agree to adhere to the server rules at

In general, if you submit this form, you will be added to the server whitelist within a day or two.

Please do not have more than one application active at any given time. Please don't submit multiple applications, unless you've heard back from us!

If you have any questions regarding this form or LizardNet Minecraft in general, please join LizardIRC by clicking this link: - Or send us an email at minecraft-s2-support [at] helpdesk [dot] fastlizard4 [dot] org.

    No Ban Appeals

    If you have been banned on LizardNet Minecraft server s2, this is not the place to ask for an unban. Please do not submit a form here, and see instead the ban appeal form at

    You Must Own Minecraft, Shared Accounts Strongly Discouraged

    LizardNet does not run "cracked" or "offline" Minecraft servers. You must own Minecraft to be able to play on LizardNet servers. Not only is this to enforce the whitelisting, but Minecraft is one of the best games out there, and a very good value too - we encourage you not to pirate it. Furthermore, using a friend's/sibling's/etc. account to play on this server if you don't own Minecraft is allowed, but strongly discouraged. Likewise, allowing others to play using your own account is also strongly discouraged.

    Privacy Notice

    The data you submit to this form is confidential and will be kept private to administrators of the Minecraft server.

    Application Completeness Strongly Recommended

    Please fill out this application as completely as possible, and be detailed in your answers. This will help ensure that your application is approved, especially if none of the server operators know you personally. Incomplete applications or applications that are clearly not serious may be discarded without notification to you. The application should only take five to ten minutes to complete in full.
    Sorry, you must indicate confirmation of this statement before continuing with your application.
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