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Which type of media do you primarily use to get your news? (Check all that apply)
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Utah is required to balance its budget every year. Please check the top three priorities you think the legislature’s budget should address:
During the 2022 General Session, we may consider a bill to eliminate the death penalty as a sentencing option in future cases. Do you support or oppose eliminating the death penalty?
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Do you believe the death penalty is applied fairly in Utah?
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Do you support or oppose legislation that prohibits transgender girls from participating in high school women’s sports?
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Recently, several Utah lawmakers requested a legislative audit of Utah’s election process that would be conducted as part of the Legislative Auditor’s regular duties. Do you support or oppose a legislative audit of Utah’s election process?
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Over the past decade, Utah’s economic and population growth has brought significant growth in the state’s tax revenue. We recently set aside $160 million for a potential tax cut this year. Would you prefer that $160 million be used for:
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If the legislature were to cut taxes, which would you most prefer?
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Please consider the following context for the next five questions: Over the past year, Utah was among the fastest growing states in the nation and projections indicate the state’s population may double over the next 40 years. Which statement do you most agree with?
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As Utah continues to grow in population, our infrastructure needs to grow too. What do you think are Utah’s top three greatest infrastructure needs?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The curriculum for Utah’s K-12 education is innovative.
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As lawmakers, we may consider legislation that would allow parents to use the tax dollars designated for their child’s education to send their child to public or other schools. Would you support or oppose this legislation?
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Do you agree with the following statement: Local housing and zoning policies should do more to support an increased availability of housing in order to reduce housing prices.
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