Expression of interest to become a member of GEO LDN Working Group 4

GEO LDN Working Group 4 (WG 4) is placed at the interface between science and policy. Designed to support the integration of global, national and local contexts into the use of tools and geospatial datasets, WG 4 is dedicated to support robust and sustainable Earth observation value chains that provide co-designed Earth insights, knowledge and intelligence for policy and decision making. The key objectives of WG4 are: (1) Provide guidance for Policy development and Evidence-Based Decision-Making for LDN; (2) Co-design Innovative Methodological Workflows; (3) Identify needs, challenges, successes, and recommendations from countries and (4) Promote South-South Knowledge exchange for LDN.

By completing this form, you will be expressing interest to become a member of GEO LDN Working Group 4. Members of WG4 will be invited to dedicated seminars and activities which include:

Provide tailored support on LDN decision making: WG 4 members that have expertise in the use of particular datasets and tools will be invited to deliver targeted support to countries engaged in GEO LDN activities, such as the Global Dialogue Forum, when appropiate. 

Co-design innovative workflows for LDN implementations: members of WG4 will also be engaged to participate in the design of case-specific workflows for LDN implemenation, by not only providing expert knowledge but also by identifying needs, challenges, successes, and recommendations regarding the use of geospatial datasets and tools for LDN.

Contribute to the meta-Analysis and Synthesis of Global Datasets and Tools: based on their expertise WG 4 members will be invited to participate in meta-analyses and synthesis of datasets at the global scale. Through the analysis of alternative datasets, WG4 members will help identify patterns and trends, critical for understanding the drivers and dynamics of land degradation processes worldwide.

We look forward to having you as part of the GEO LDN Flagship!

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