Queen Management Survey
A group of beekeepers and bee professionals in the Northeast are writing a grant to promote queen breeding among younger and under-represented beekeepers. In order to develop a strong proposal, they need information about current queen buying and queen rearing practices.

In other words, they need your help!

It should only take about 5 minutes of your time. Your responses will help us strengthen beekeeping in the region.

This survey is geared toward hobbyist and small-scale beekeepers.
Thank you for your input, we appreciate you.
About You
A few questions about your beekeeping background
Full Name:
How many years have you been keeping bees?
How many hives did you manage last summer?
Are you a member of a bee club?
Clear selection
What are the most important factors contributing to your hive losses? (Check all that apply)
About your Queens
Questions about how you manage the genetics in your hives
When you need a new queen, how do you obtain one? (Check all that apply)
Have you PURCHASED any of the following queen types? (Check all that apply)
When you buy queens, how often do you seek out queens that are reared from Northeast survivor stock?
Clear selection
When you buy queens, how often do you seek out queens that are selected for Varroa resistance?
Clear selection
How important are the following QUEEN TRAITS to you as a beekeeper?
1, Not Important
3, Somewhat Important
5, Very Important
Disease free (eg EFB, Chalkbrood)
Varroa resistance
Successful overwintering
Honey Production
Brood Production
Clear selection
Have you ever tried raising your own queens through any of the following methods?
How interested are you in learning more about queen rearing?
Not Interested
Very Interested
Clear selection
Anything else you want us to know about your queens or your genetic strategies?
For questions contact Angela Roell, MS, Beekeeper and Educator, info@angelaroell.com www.angelaroell.com
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