SAEMS Scholarship Application 2018
Thank you for your interest in the SAEMS scholarship! This application is for current University of Arizona students, who are continuing in the 2018-2019 academic year, and pursuing a career in the Environmental, Health and Safety field. DEADLINE: March 31, 2018

To be eligible, you must at the time of application:
• Plan on pursuing a career in the environmental arena
• Be a full-time University of Arizona student, undergraduate (12 units+/semester) or grad (3-9 units)
• Have a 2.5+ GPA & satisfactory degree progress
• Be continuing for the 2018-2019 school year at the University of Arizona
• SAEMS student membership strongly encouraged (visit

To avoid problems with application submissions, please edit and save application responses on your own computer or drive, before pasting in to this form for submission. Only one response will be accepted per person.

Please submit this scholarship application form after final December 2017 grades post, no later than March 31, 2018:
• Finalists will be contacted to interview with the SAEMS Scholarship Committee in April 2018
• Scholarship awards ($500 to $4,000) are sent to UA bursar accounts.
• Tuition & book scholarship awards (typically at least $1,000) divided between Fall & Spring
• $500 research/travel/training/project awards are provided in the Fall semester
• Scholarship winners are asked to introduce themselves at a SAEMS lunch meeting

Questions? Contact B.J. Cordova, SAEMS Scholarship Chair,

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In an average school week how many hours do you currently work (all hourly or stipended positions including paid internships) *
In an average school week how many hours do you currently volunteer (without pay or stipend including unpaid internships) *
In an average school week how many hours do you currently participate in leadership activities (uncompensated organization/club/committee meetings) *
Total scholarship requested (between $500 and $4,000) *
Please briefly describe your financial need as it relates to tuition/fees (up to $4,000), books/supplies (up to $1,000), or your research/travel/training/project needs (limit $500). *
If needed, please provide an academic or professional reference the SAEMS scholarship committee may contact - name, title, company/entity, and brief description of how you know this person *
What are your short-term (next 5 years) and long-term career aspirations in the environmental, health and/or safety field? (Please be very concise; limit approximately 250 words) *
Why you are interested in pursuing a career in this field? Please describe briefly (up to 250 words) *
Please summarize any (non-scholarship) awards or recognition you have received: *
Please summarize and describe briefly how your non-academic work, internship, and volunteer experience in environmental, health and/or safety fields supports your long-term career goals. We recognize students also have jobs not directly relevant to studies/career goals, let us know of other experience and what you learned in the process. Limit 500 words, please no resumes. Additional attachments not accepted. *
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