gfx commission
hi! it's gracia aka didi. I am a gfx artist, if u want any gfx buy gfx commission shirts in my group, after fill out this form! just incase i cant check, dm me so i can see. Open ur inventory so i can see if u bought it or not. if u won gfx for a giveaway u have to tell me ur username and say i won buy a giveaway!
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did u dm me in insta? if not dm me now *
did u buy my commission shirt? (if not i can't make one for u ) u can find the commission shirts in my group *
what's ur gmail? (so that i can send high quality gfx to u) *
what's ur instagram (so i can ask question if needed) *
what's ur roblox username? Ex- vikirhk (if ur username has capital i, say u do so i dont get mix up with l) so that i can see if u brought my shirt *
what roblox avartar do u want me to use? (if u just want me to do it with ur avatar just say mine)
what type of gfx? *
if doing group gfx it is up to 3 person, if u want more dm me so we can adjust/ talk about it. (if ur not doing group just click 1 person) *
theme for ur gfx (if u chose a simple gfx say n/a) *
ONLY FOR SIMPLE GFX REQUEST- what background do u want? ex. transparent or pastel pink? etc... (if u chose a advanced gfx say n/a) *
special thing u want me to know *
do u want a filter included in ur gfx? if so what theme? *
specific model/room u want
what rig type do u want? *
agree to not to rush me? *
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