COBOL FINTECH Education Program on Information Technology
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Program Information:
COBOL FINTECH Education Program on Information Technology

Program Number:          IA2021PT-COBOL02
Program Type:                 Information Technology
Academic Hours:           112 hours
Class Time: Tuesday and Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Class Location: Hong Kong Fortress Hill
Total Program Hours:    Academic education    (2 months / 112 hours)  
​Course Commencement Day: 23 Feb, 2021 (Tuesday)

Program Cost:               Promotion Cost: HKD$9,600 ( Original HK$D12,800 )
Program Introduction:
Information Systems (IS) is one of the fastest growing areas of business and employers are seeking tech savvy graduates to hop into the driver's seat. Graduate demand in this area has grown rapidly over the last decade and there are many exciting career opportunities available locally and abroad.
As a COBOL graduate you will be in high demand from industry and the government sector, including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, IT and consulting companies, and government organisations, as well as mining and network productions!

Our program offer       Academic Education   +    COBOL SERVER Training    =      Your Career Path  
Career opportunities for COBOL graduates are wide and varied and greatly depend on the individual's interests and pursuit of specialist areas. Some examples of COBOL alumni have pursued upon graduation are:

​Chief Information Officer
Business Development Manager - IS/IT Solutions
Principal Technical Lead
Portfolio Test Manager
Systems Development Manager
Database Manager
Business Analyst / Systems Analyst
Communications Network Analyst
Enterprise Systems Specialist
Project Management Specialist
e-Business Specialist
Consultant - Information Systems / Information Technology
Information Systems Security Consultant
Release Manager
Entry Details:​
Entry requirements:

Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination with five grades of Grade E / Grade 2 or above, including English and Chinese, or equivalent
Applicants may be required to attend interviews and / or aptitude tests
Be 18 years or older. If necessary, applicants must pass interviews and / or aptitude tests

Registration method:

All course places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Any incomplete forms or tuition fees will not be processed by the School. The deadline for registration is seven working days (excluding Saturdays) before the start of each class. Notice of Successful Courses Successful applicants will be notified at least three working days before the course starts by using the contact method specified by you. Our education department will not be held responsible for the notice of class loss due to mailing errors. If you have not been notified before the course starts, applicants can call our education department for enquiries (Tel: 3543-0700). Tuition fee / receipt all tuition fees paid will not be refunded except for the application rejected by the student or cancellation / rescheduling of the selected course. Tuition fees and places cannot be changed (including transfers) or transferred.
 How to register and inquire Ms. Wong  Tel: 852-35430700,   Email:
Part A: Personal Information.
*Please provide details in english, unless request in Chinese.
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I understand that the information provided on the registration form will be used to arrange IT management Trainee Program enrolment and related purposes. The organizer has the right to disclose the relevant information to the third parties involved. No prior consent is required. I agree to receive information provided by the organizer or other involved organizations in the future.

I clearly understand and agree to accept the details of the program, and I promise to be willing to abide by the arrangements and instructions of the organizer and the rules made by the organizer for the co-op education program. If I violate the rules set by the organizer, the organizer has the right to cancel my enrollment or participation qualification immediately without refunding any money and without having to make any compensation to me.

I understand that if I am admitted, I must complete the program in accordance with the regulations, and the deposit will be fully refunded. I agree that if you intend to withdraw after receiving an offer, you must notify the conference secretariat by email within 2 days after the offer letter is issued, otherwise the tour fee will not be refunded.

I declare that all the information provided to the organizer on the registration form is true and correct. I clearly understand that if the information provided by me is incorrect, the organizer has the right to revoke my participation qualification without refunding the payment (if any), and I am also willing to bear all responsibilities caused by the false information.
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Thank you very much for your enrolment.
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