People's Choice MachinEVO Award 2013 Rating Rubric
We proudly present a total of 17 machinimas which were created during the 5 weeks of the MachinEVO 2013 workshop.
Two groups of machinimatographers are presenting their level best productions, those of the '1st Year' (MachinEVO 2013) and the '2nd Year' (MachinEVO 2012 + 2013).
The first group created 5 machinimas totalling 23min of film footage.
The second group created 12 machinimas totalling 83min of film footage.
Each of the groups will receive a 'Best Machinima as a Whole' - People's choice MachinEVO Award' and we kindly ask you to help us vote. (If you only have time for one group now and then want to continue lateron, pls submit two different forms, this is OK)
FYI, there is also a jury of 10 professionals who will help us determine another 8 MachinEVO awards, such as Best Director, Best Film Editing, etc... Come join us for our Film Festival on Sunday 24th February 2013, 7pm GMT/ 11am SLT.
The 'Best Machinima as a Whole' MachinEVO award for the 1st Year Group
shall be awarded to ....
The 'Best Machinima as a Whole' MachinEVO award for the 2nd Year Group *
shall be awarded to ...
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