Gendered Realities: Local Activity
Within the frame of SCI's Work Plan for 2019, there is the opportunity to organise actions on a local level which address the aims of:
- Reaching out to (young) people and raising awareness of gender-related issues;
- Supporting the assessment of gendered realities in volunteering activities;
- Trying out methodologies from the gender Toolkit “Free to be You and Me”;
- Feeding into a better understanding of problem areas, underlying issues and vulnerable groups.

Activities can take place from: 15/03/2019 - 30/09/2019.

First confirmations: 07/03/2019
Applications submitted after 07/03 will be handled in rolling process. Please get in touch with us to express your interest!

Funds for the local activities will be transferred after the activity has been implemented and reported. In case this would be an impediment for implementing the activity, contact us to discuss alternative options. The funds will be transferred through the SCI branch.

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Work Plan Information:

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