Sunset Ridge Middle School Course Requests for 7th Grade Classes
Congratulations 6th graders! You are now picking classes you may take in 7th grade.
What is the student's last name?
Please do not use a nickname.
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What is the student's first name?
Please do not use a nickname.
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What is the student's middle name?
What is your birthday?
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What is your address?
Example: 8292 S. Skyline Arch Drive West Jordan, UT 84081
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What is your current Elementary school?
What is your lunch number?
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What is your parents phone number?
Example: 801-412-2485
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Are you a Special Education/Resource Student?
Are you currently receiving English Second Language (ESL) services?
Do you currently have a 504 plan?
Have you received any of the above services in the past?
Is your student in the French Immersion Program?
All 7th grade students are required to take the following classes:
* Science
* Utah Studies
* English
* Math - (Math class will be determined by Jordan School District math placement testing done in 6th grade.)
* Keyboarding
* Fitness (Can be taken online. Please see your counselor)
* College and Career Awareness
* Elective/Reading (Student must meet the reading rubric requirements to take an elective class. If a student does not
meet the requirements, parents will be notified by mail later in the year. That student will need to take Reading 7)
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