Gonzales Neighbourhood Association Membership Application
All memberships are free and are active for a period of two years. You will be sent an email at renewal time. Thank you.

The Gonzales Neighbourhood Association will not share your information with any other party.
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I am a resident of the Gonzales neighbourhood, which entitles me to a voting membership in the Association at the Annual General Meeting held every November.
We use our website, social media and email to communicate with our members. We may only communicate with you via email with your permission. Please indicate your agreement to receiving email communications by checking the box below (1-2 emails per month).
Code of Conduct
- We will interact with respect, courtesy, objectivity and inclusiveness;
- We will work toward the good of all community members and not for personal benefit;
- We will promote collaboration, cooperation and partnership with each other and with other groups; and
- We will promote health, wellness and safety for the entire community.
Code of Conduct Attestation
*Our members are an important source of funding. A donation of $5 or $10 would be appreciated. You may donate on the GNA website. We use these fund to pay for office supplies and our website - it does not pay for salaries.

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