Westside Community Garden Application

This form is for those who are interested in gardening at the Westside Community Garden and Vermijo garden. The gardens are run as a cooperative under the guidance of a small group of local gardeners. There will be room for 70 participant shares to communally garden both gardens (instead of renting individual beds). To understand more about the way the garden will function, please read through this document https://tinyurl.com/wcg-Description and the whole application so you can consider the commitment that is required before sending the application. In the case that you find yourself unable to uphold your commitment or realize that this model of gardening is not a match for you, refunds are not available. The garden operates on a gift economy and your gift to the garden will provide an opportunity for others to benefit and for the garden to continue to grow in.

The selection of participants will be based on one's proximity to the garden (West of Interstate 25 and Manitou Springs) and one's availability and willingness to meet work requirements.

The fee for being a member of this community garden is $145. for the entire year (Feb 2020--feb. 2021) and will go completely to improving the garden. Once you are approved payment can be made at the community center by cash or check. Spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis with final payment due by May 1, 2020. Some scholarships may be available.

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Are you a co-share-holder? If so, who are you sharing with? This person also needs to fill out an application.
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Your experience in gardening can be helpful but is not required. Even more important is your willingness to show up, learn and cooperate with others.
What is your previous gardening experience? *
This garden will be run cooperatively and requires the active participation of all those involved. Team members will work together to water and attend work and harvesting sessions each week (approximately 4 hours/week on multiple days). Each participant will receive a share of whatever is harvested from the whole garden. Our members are committing to each other showing up. If you cannot show, your share for the day will go to the farm stand to be sold to the local community members.
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I can commit to attending a work day and/or harvest session once a week (approx. 3 hours). *
Times that I am available to work (check all that apply) *
Days that I am available to work *
I am willing to work with others
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What is your motivation in being involved in this garden? *
What other skills do you have to offer to the community garden?
If you are not an appropriate match for this garden, would you like us to share your details with other community gardens so that they may contact you about their program?
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By checking the box below, you agree to follow through with the above standards. *
Your donation of $145 should be submitted to the Westside Community Center Office. If you cannot pay in full, an incremental pay plan option is available. If you wish to, you may designate an additional amount for the scholarship fund. *
Do you have any questions or concerns that we can address?
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