2023 Annual Lamp Offering 常年光明燈點供
By making a donation of any amount, Buddha Jewel Monastery would set up an annual lamp offering in your name or a name of your choice from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023

佛寶寺2023 常年光明燈,開放隨喜點供,點供時間為2023年1月1日 - 12月31日
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Name of Benefactors 點供功德主 *
Names will be displayed in front of the lamp. If for the whole family, please add "Family" after the name. 請於此欄填上欲放在光明燈上的姓名。若是為全家點燈,請於後方加上"闔府"兩字
How to make donations? 功德金圓滿方式 *
Donation (any amount) 隨喜功德金發心金額
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