Secure Cloud Adoption survey
You have offered to help me think through the next generation of cloud training. Thanks! Because this helps me explore to “Create an environment for group learning to facilitate secure cloud adoption”.

Please record your thoughts in this survey. Be as extensive as you wish, and don't hesitate to submit another entry if new insights pop up.

Feel free to also forward this to a colleague.

Please use your own perspective and talk about what you personally can learn and/or influence. While there are many global issues that we might feel that need to be addressed, few of them are within our sphere of influence.

Disclosure: I am using this input (thoroughly anonymized of course) for my own business, my job at the university and as a volunteer for the Cloud Security Alliance.
Thanks, Peter van Eijk
Quick note
Optional: before we dive a bit deeper, is there one immediate note that you want to share about professionalizing secure cloud adoption?
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Did you study or follow a course on the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge?
Other than CCSK, what relevant courses/ certifications did you pursue for secure cloud adoption?
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Although optional, please enter an email address so I can follow up on your insights, if need be.
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What is your primary role in secure cloud adoption?
Within your role, what is your daily activity made up of primarily? Examples include: meeting with people whose role is X, reading material Y, writing what kind of documents, creating/designing systems, reviewing Z, etcetera? One way of looking at this is: "What do your team members trust you to do?".
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What tasks or activities would you want to be able to do better? How would you (or your boss) know that you are doing a better job?
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Is your customer internal or external? Elaborate a bit if you can.
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People come to secure cloud adoption tasks/jobs with many different backgrounds (skills, experience). What is your background for this?
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Based on what you answered in the above questions, what do you feel are the biggest challenges that you face? Add to that what skills and/or knowledge you think would remediate those challenges.
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What is your favorite and most effective way of learning new skills/knowledge? Think of reading, going to a course, e-learning, short/long efforts. Be creative and think back to great learning experiences that you have had.
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What would it take for you to recommend a course on Secure Cloud Adoption to somebody else, or pull somebody else in to join you in such a course?
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