Survey: How Boston Recruiters See The Software Testing Industry 2017
Are you a recruiter attempting to fill software testing roles for your Boston area clients?

Having difficulty finding people with the exact skillset your clients are looking for? Connect with the Ministry of Testing - Boston, a new Meetup group just for software testers, automation developers, and other QA folk!

T.J. Maher, a new co-organizer of the new Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup group, wishes to gather your input in order to help Ministry of Testing - Boston members navigate the ever changing current of the software testing industry.

To show our gratitude, respondents can list their recruiting company on the Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup site at

Material given by respondents will be turned into blog posts for both Ministry of Testing, T.J. Maher's software testing blog Adventures in Automation, and other blogs. The material will also be used as a foundation for presentations T.J. will be giving to the Ministry of Testing - Boston Meetup and other groups throughout the course of the year. The information submitted also will be used to generate published articles written by T.J. for a series of articles.

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Table of Contents:
Section One: Introduction
Section Two: About Your Company
Section Three: About You
Section Four: About Manual Testing
Section Five: About Automation Development
Section Six: About DevOps
Section Seven: Parting Thoughts
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