All Saints' Church Warlingham Community Questionnaire
Can you help the ancient church of All Saints' Warlingham find out what it can do to further support the local community. Please answer the following questions which will be analysed and used collectively to take your ideas forward. The church is presently unused for some days of the week and like many ancient churches can be a bit chilly in winter! Thank you in advance.
1. Do you live: (Please tick ONE):
2: Do you consider yourself a person who is: (please tick ONE)
3. What are your expectations of the physical environment when attending a community event in a church? Only THREE choices please:
4: Which of the following community activities should All Saints' consider providing in addition to what it does already? Please tick TWO
5: At present music is a very popular activity at All Saints'. Would you support the idea of installing a high quality sound and media system in All Saints'?
6: In your opinion would community groups be interested in using a sound and media system?
7: Warlingham is an area with an ageing population. All Saints' welcomes people of all ages including older people to its services and activities. How can All Saints' reach out to more older people to help them from becoming lonely and isolated? (Please write in your own words):
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8: Have you visited All Saints' in the last 5 years?
9. If you would like to visit or come again and would like someone to contact you, please write your name, email and best time to contact you
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10. If you would like to help out at All Saints' with one of the many activities that go on please leave your name, phone number and the best time to call
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