RPCVs of NENY 2018 Membership Survey
Below is a survey asking your input about membership with the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Northeastern New York (RPCVs of NENY). Please respond to each question and click the "Send Form" button at the bottom of the survey to submit your replies.

Your responses will help us determine future activities and priorities for RPCVs of NENY. All surveys are anonymous and confidential.

A summary of survey results will be posted to our website and shared with the group at a monthly meeting in April or May.

Thank you very much for your input.

How long have you been involved with RPCVs of NENY?
On average, how many monthly meetings/potlucks do you attend per year?
For what reason(s) do you attend monthly meetings?
Select all that apply.
If you don't attend monthly meetings/potlucks, what are the reasons?
Select all that apply.
Have you paid membership dues to RPCVs of NENY in the past two years?
Are you a current member of the National Peace Corps Association?
Which of the following do you use to keep in touch with RPCVs of NENY?
Select all that apply.
Please rate your level of overall satisfaction with the direction of RPCVs of NENY.
Which of the following would you like to see more of from RPCVs of NENY?
Select all that apply.
Are you interested in becoming more active / involved with RPCVs of NENY?
If so, how?
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