WPFCon Panel Submission 2020
Have an awesome idea that will help make the con awesome? This is the place to submit it. You can of course submit ideas without wanting to host them, however due to limited volunteers there is a chance that they will not be hosted.

Of couse never fear we will be having at least one dance, a dance competition, and a fursuit parade which will be put on by official Con Staff!

Deadline for Panel Submissions is June 15th 2019
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Let us know exactly what you are planning! Get as detailed as you like.
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Please limit description here to 350 characters or less. Try to make it so it will give congoers an idea of what you are presenting and get them interested! IF you need help or want us to do it please let us know!
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Please be aware that this time frame doesn't have to be an exact measurement, and that if you only need 40 minutes out of 45 etc that is perfectly fine! We just ask you don't run over time excessively!
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