BAA 2020 Board Nominations (Closing May 8th)
Nominate any graduated CMU alumnus who has not already served two terms on the exec board!

Nominations can be made for any position, however only positions which are unfilled or have expired terms are listed in this form.

Current BAA officers are:
President - Michael Darcy
Vice President - Jeremy Tuttle (end of second term)
Communications - Linna Griffin
Reporting - Jasio Santillan
Treasurer - Bryan Arsham (end of first term)
Webmaster - Krishan Taylor
Secretary - Rachael Schmitt (end of first term)
Broadcast - Will Weiner (end of first term)
Graphics - Ethan Gladding (end of first term)
Officer Terms and Descriptions
All terms are 2 years with the opportunity for reelection for a total of 4 years.
We hold regular meetings throughout the year every couple months with increased regularity around Carnival. As an officer, attendance is not mandatory at every meeting so long as you continue to make an effort to support the mission and projects of the BAA.

Opening Positions (We need a new person for these positions):

Vice President: The Vice President assists the other officers in their projects, and coordinates with Sweepstakes as necessary. A good BAA VP candidate is someone who wants to improve Buggy, or Raceday, or the BAA in some way, and has some ideas for how to do it. If you read the BAA mission’s 5 stated goals and think, “I know how we could do some of those things better,” and you are excited to commit the time to make that happen, then the VP office is right for you.

Graphics: This position is to provide design support for the various activities of the BAA. In addition to assisting the Communications and Reporting officers with graphical assets for Rolls Reports and the Raceday Preview, the Graphics officer is on hand to help out with projects like Merchandise, video editing, and other communications. Recently the Graphics officer has provided above-and-beyond support by collaborating on an open source Build Book to help new teams get off the ground.

Positions up for Re-election (The incumbent has opted to run for a second term):

Treasurer: The Treasurer has three primary responsibilities: the Financial Report, Fundraising, and the Membership List. Taken together, these duties help us understand what our current funding situation is like, informing our project scope, merchandise options, student support, and more. Recently, the treasurer has provided above-and-beyond support on items such as the initiation of the endowed fund, a tiered membership structure, and more.

Secretary: Listed in the BAA By-laws as the person to coordinate distribution of meeting minutes to general membership as well as handle and maintain the membership list in partnership with the treasurer. The secretary's duties overlap with several other positions, providing support across the main functions of the BAA. Recently, the secretary has provided above-and-beyond support by administering the podcast Chute the Sh!t, but the secretary's diverse responsibilities provide a broad variety of opportunities.

Broadcast: This position is to provide operational support regarding the Raceday Broadcast. The Broadcast officer interfaces with WRCT, cmuTV, and others in their critical role in collaborating with the BAA and Sweepstakes on Raceday and other operations. Recently, the Broadcast officer has provided above-and-beyond support by recording and publishing the podcast Chute the Sh!t.

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