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SOSR Adoption Application Form
All potential adoptive families are screened with a home visit and vet references. We also ask for an adoption fee. Most of the dogs we get in are over years old and many come into our care due to behavioural problems. In order to find the best match possible we need some information, as follows:
First Name *
Last Name *
Address *
City *
Province *
Postal Code *
Phone Number *
Email Address *
Date *
Why are you interested in a Sheltie? *
Why are you interested in a rescued dog? *
Are you applying for a specific dog? If yes, why are you interested in that dog? *
Define any strong preference you may have in colour, gender, age. The more specific you are reduces the probability of a match. *
Describe behavioural characteristics of a dog you are interested in. (e.g. active, couch potato) *
Do you currently have applications on file anywhere else? (ie. rescue/shelter/breeder) If yes, please elaborate. *
What type of home do you have? (e.g. house, condo, apartment, city or country) *
Do you own or rent? *
How long have you lived at this address? *
Are there any plans to move? *
Describe the human occupants of the home (number of adults/children and the ages of all). *
Do any members of the household have asthma or pet allergies? *
Are the home and car non-smoking? *
Describe any pets currently living in the household: *
Tell us about any dog(s) you have previously owned and what happened to them. *
Tell us about any experience you may have with Shelties, if not described above. *
Describe the feeding schedule for your dogs. *
Do you have any experience in training or behaviour modification? If yes, please describe the methods used. *
Do you have a securely fenced yard? *
What is the approximate size of the yard? *
Describe the height and material of the fence. *
Do you have a pool on your property? If yes, in ground or above ground? *
Would your dog be tied up? If yes, please explain. *
How many hours per day would the dog spend outside? Attended? Unattended? *
Do you ever walk/hike with your dog off leash?  If yes, where? *
How many consecutive hours per day would the dog be alone? *
If you were away more than 8 hours what arrangements would be made for mid-day potty breaks? *
Where would the dog be left when you are out? *
Where would the dog sleep at night? *
How many total hours per day (24 hrs) would the dog be alone? *
Would your dog travel with you? If yes, please describe. *
Do you have a vacation property (cottage/trailer) that you visit with your dog? If yes, does it have a fenced area for the dog?  Height and material of fence? *
What arrangements would be made for when you travel and cannot take your dog with you? *
Do you have experience with crate-training a dog? If yes, please describe. *
Would you bring the dog to obedience classes if recommended? *
Would you consider a “special needs” dog? ( e.g diabetic, 3 legged, deaf/blind, etc). If yes, please describe any experience you have with special needs dogs. *
Other than described above, will the dog have exposure to children under the age of 5? If yes, please describe. *
How did you find out about our organization? *
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