Connections 2020 Social and Game Lab Coordination
In addition to the presentations and panels occurring during the core hours of the Connections 2020 Conference, Connections encourages the community to organize social and game lab events.

These events may vary widely in scope and may be quite narrow. For instance, you could host a meet-up of wargamers working on technology and capability development, or you could host a game lab on how to incorporate tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities into an operational level wargame. In the past game lab topics have included things such as: "how do you mechanically incentivize defensive/non-combat behaviors in games," "how could you create a matrix game to explore solutions for water scarcity," and "is a Slack Workspace an appropriate form for distributed Matrix Wargaming?"

This form will collect information from those that are interested in hosting such events. A schedule of these events will be developed by the Connections staff and provided to the conference registrants closer to the conference.

As a host you will be responsible for providing the teleconference number, Zoom link, Google Meeting link, etc. Additionally if you wish to require advance registration to participate in your events, we will share information how to do so with conference registrants (i.e. a Google form link or e-mail address), but you will be responsible for administering that process.

We will collect the specific information for your remote participation access (teleconference number, Zoom link, Google Meeting link) closer to the conference.

The conference will run August 10-14. The core hours for the conference during this period are 1000-1600 (10am-4pm) U.S. Eastern Daylight Time. Please ensure your event takes place outside of these hours.

If you have questions about this form or this process, please email
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Advance Registration
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