Focus group for UT Students that are Black Women
The Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) was founded in 2005 because women & LGBTQIA+ students demanded a space where they could see themselves reflected. We are continuing that tradition by checking in with the communities we hope to continue serving.

This focus group is open to all Black students who self-identify as women, and our goals are to:
1. Create a resource document for current and future students who are Black women at UT
2. Assess how the GSC's programming, outreach, and advocacy can be more inclusive & affirming to students who are Black women
3. Publish findings from this group on our website & send to UT departments, centers, and student orgs if solutions proposed in this focus group are out of the GSC’s scope

This is all to say we very much appreciate any participation :) Please fill out this form at your earliest convenience!
- KB & Patience Ojionuka
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In your time at UT, have you attended a program or event specifically focused on Black Women? *
If so, was this event/program on or off campus? *
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If so, which ones? How has your experience been in those orgs/spaces? *
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What departments, centers, or on-campus organizations have been affirming to your identity as a Black Woman (if not already listed)? *
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What off-campus spaces/orgs have been affirming to your identity as a Black Woman (if none, say N/A) *
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What resources, specific to your identity as a Black Woman, do you believe should be offered on campus? Why? *
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How does it feel to be an individual who identify as a Black Woman on UT's campus? *
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