Atelier Paysan Gathering (17th to 19th June 2016): Booking form
What would you like to do at the gathering?
You will have the opportunity to take part in a wealth of activities: introductory sessions to metal work, talks, workshops, conferences, etc. In this form you can tell us the activities that interest you the most, and help us to put together a programme that suits your needs!
In order to keep things simple, we advise you to tick “Definitely” for:
- the ongoing workshop which you are most interested in
- a maximum of 2 introductory workshops
The aim is not only to tell us what you’re interested in, but also what you feel you will be able to do, without trying to cram in too much.
Ongoing workshops
These are workshops which will take place over 2 or 3 days. You can dip in and out of these.
Not interested
Yes if I have the time
Converting the Domaine St Laurence’s agricultural equipment to the quick hitch triangle system
Making a pedal powered agricultural tool with Farming Soul
Constructing a mobile pig shelter (wood and metal)- 2 days
Making a 'Piggott' wind turbine
Making a seed cleaning machine
Short workshops
Ideally, participants will stay for the whole duration of these workshops:
Not interested
Yes if I have the time
I’d like to get involved in coordinating the workshop
Arduino (open-source electronics: irrigation control, thermal sensor controls)- 1 day
Scale up your skip (increasing capacity of farm yard skips) - 1 day
Introduction to arc welding- 4 hrs
Introduction to stainless steel welding- 4 hrs
Introduction to sharpening drill bits and metal tools - 2 hrs
Logging tool demonstration- 2 hrs
Talks (2 hr)
Please tick the talks you are most interested in (3 maximum):
The World Championship of the Quick Hitch Triangle
Over the three days, you can take up this challenge, on your own or as a group (1 hr)
If you have other ideas of demonstrations or collective activities which you would be happy to lead, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!
Your answer
Showcasing your tool at the Agricultural DIY Fair
Invention/ Adaptation
Your answer
What is it used for?
Your answer
What size is it? (Height x Length x Width)
Your answer
I would like help transporting my tool (logistics, financial support…)
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