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Get motivated. Join one of the most inspiring media teams in the country. Be sure to read the job advert carefully first. Here's the link:
When you've read the advert, please take 40 minutes to fill in this form. It includes sections where we ask you to write a few paragraphs of script for us, so you can demonstrate your abilities. Please don't get anyone to help you with this writing, as we want your original work. And please do your best to fill it in on the spot so we can see how well you write under pressure! Thank you.

TIP: You might also want to watch a few minutes of 1 or 2 of our shows before starting to fill in the form. We'll be asking you to write a short intro for a Big Debate show, so it will be handy to get a sense of our style. Our shows are viewable online here:

Note that Big Debate runs for short seasons, so we are generally only able to offer short-term contracts of 4 to 6 months. In some cases these can be extended. Work on the upcoming season starts in early January 2019. Successful candidates should Ideally be available for 1 or 2 editorial meetings in early December and then full time from January.

Note that interviews (in person or via skype) will take place in late November.

The personal information in this form will be kept confidential. However you must consent to make your short writing samples available to The Big Debate team without restriction. We reserve the right not to fill any or all positions at our discretion.

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Choose a topic you think should be on The Big Debate in 2019 and write a studio intro for Redi for your show. It should grab viewers attention in the first sentence and it should include 1 or 2 facts and some provocative questions. It must end by introducing the panelists who are to be featured on the show. (max 300 words)
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If possible, please give links to 1 or 2 examples of your previous work, especially articles you've written, or video material you have produced. For video links, please indicate what role you played in the production.
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