Our Vision for Minnesota
PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS to help shape a strong LSP statement of our vision for rural communities and the state.
Share your ideas, concerns, and hopes for your community and all of Minnesota
Throughout this fall, LSP has held 5 meetings across the state and gotten input from hundreds of Minnesotans about our vision for rural communities and the state. Here is one more opportunity to share your thoughts as we create a strong statement of our vision.
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Our Vision for Minnesota
What are the 1 or 2 ISSUES that most need to be addressed in your community?
Explain a little -- What makes these issues so pressing?
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What do you most HOPE for your community and the state?
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Next Steps
LSP will be putting the vision we create in front of elected officials and candidates for key public offices in 2018.

Members will be encouraged to attend precinct caucuses of the political parties as part of advancing this vision, along with other ways these values can be shared and elevated in our communities.

Check the boxes here to indicate your interest in these next steps:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
You will hear more as we build LSP's vision for rural communities and Minnesota. We'll share the statement with you, and ways to use it. Thanks!

For more information, please contact:
Jonathan Maurer-Jones
Phone: 218-213-4008
Email: jmaurer-jones@landstewardshipproject.org

This survey was created for Land Stewardship members. If you found yourself here and are not a member please leave us with some additional information so we can stay in touch.

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