Beta Reader / ARC Team Application
5 Prince Publishing is seeking ARC and Beta Readers.

Beta Readers are the last set of eyes on an upcoming release. Beta Readers are given a pre-released version of the book and asked to report any editorial errors they find. In exchange for the book, we also ask that they post reviews to distribution sites, as well as to the company for marketing materials. Beta Readers are entered into a drawing for prizes after the conclusion of each Beta Read assignment.

ARC Readers are given the final copy of a book before it goes to publication. ARCs are sent out prior to release day, and the ARC Reader is asked to provide reviews on distribution sites in exchange for reading the book prior to release day. ARC Readers are also asked to post the book on social media, in exchange for the book copy.

Beta Reader / ARC assignment signups are sent out via email. IF you apply for these positions, you are agreeing to be added to 5 Prince Publishings email list, specifically for Beta Readers and ARC Team members.

By applying, you are agreeing to the following terms.

*You are applying to be considered for reading opportunities that offer you pre-release copies of books in many different states of the editorial process. You may NOT share the books you are given with anyone. You may NOT post parts of the book, copy passages, quote the book, or give spoilers to the book at any time.

*Each book will have its own sign up. ONLY apply for books in which you can meet the requirements and deadlines. Should you miss a deadline or fail to turn in reports or reviews, you WILL be removed from the Beta Reader / ARC team.

*By applying you understand that if you take on a Beta Reading assignment, you will be expected to provide a report of any errors you might find. You will also be expected to submit a review that we may use for marketing purposes, and you must upload those reviews to major distributors as well. Beta Readers are compensated by receiving books prior to release date. They are also compensated with the opportunity to win prizes offered by the company. Failure to turn in reports and reviews WILL result in the reader being removed from the team.

*By applying as an ARC Team member, you are agreeing to read the book prior to release and post reviews in exchange for getting a free and early copy of the book. Failure to review the book on release day WILL result in the reader being removed from the team.

*When an assignment is sent out, team members may choose to be a Beta Reader or and ARC member for that book. You do not always have to do one or the other. However, you MUST submit assignment materials by the due date to be invited to another assignment.
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