Sitka Culture of Health Prize Ideas
Congratulations! You, as a member of the Sitka community, are a winner of the 2019 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize. This prize recognizes communities working to build a culture of health for everyone. In particular, Sitka won because of our focus on reconciliation and historical trauma, our powerful community partnerships and our commitment to supporting youth.

As an RWJF Culture of Health Prize winner, Sitka has received a $25,000 prize. The Sitka Health Summit Coalition wants to hear from you on how you think the money should be invested to improve community health and equity.

Please submit your ideas by February 14th. The Coalition will host a public event to discuss the ideas we receive and will use community input to guide our final decision on how to use the award. Gunalchéesh, salamat, gracias and thank you for your help with this project and for working to build a culture of health for all in Sitka.

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How would you spend the prize money to make Sitka a healthier and more equitable place? *
Sitka, Alaska: Reconciling Past and Present
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