Request a Donation of a Notable Women in Computing Deck and Poster
The women behind the Notable Women in Computing playing card deck have heard from a number of teachers and librarians who have great ideas for projects, but can't afford to buy decks. Through our generous Kickstarter Backers and our growing community we're able to send decks to those who can use them. It should take <15 mins to fill out.

If we receive more requests than we have decks, we prefer to donate decks to people/groups who are good at moving girls and women into technical careers and who can't pay for the decks they need. We also prefer people/groups with a specific use-case, a demonstrated history of encouraging women in computer science, and who are willing to take a picture of the deck(s) when they receive them (we send the pictures to Backers).
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We're open to requests for more than 5, but explain your use-case in the box below "What project could these decks help with."
Notable Women in Computing Cards
TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Africa & the Middle East Cards
Notable Women in Computing Poster
TechWomen Emerging Leaders from Africa & the Middle East Poster
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What project could these decks help with?
e.g. "I assign my students to recreate the card cypher from Cryptonomincon every semester and these would make it much cooler."
How have you worked in the past to connect girls and women to technical careers?
e.g.: "I'm a high school computer science teacher and I have helped 10 young women apply for top technical schools this year."
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e.g. "I'm a middle school librarian and have no budget for media. I can't even buy books until February."
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