The Global E-waste Statistics Partnership website survey
We would like to hear your feedback so we can improve the Global E-waste Statistics Partnership (GESP) website and its content. Please fill in this short survey and let us know your thoughts. Your responses will be used internally and will remain anonymous. Thank you for your time and feedback.

You can find our website at the following link:
1. What do you use our website for? If 'other', please let us know in the space below.
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2. How easy is it to find the information you are looking for on our website? Please leave any specific feedback under 'other'.
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3. Which webpages do you find most useful?
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About Us:
Country Sheets:
Capacity Building:
Menu & Search function
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4. How could we make the following webpages and functions more useful for you? Please follow the links and provide your feedback below.
Menu & Search function:
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5. Are there any topics which are not covered but you would like to see included on the GESP website?
6. Are the e-waste data and tools available to you in a useful format? If not, which format are you looking for?
7. Do all the webpages load for you in a timely manner? If not, please let us know which ones.
8. Does the website function for you on your smartphone?
9. Do you have any additional comments regarding the GESP website?
10. What best describes your involvement with the Global E-waste Partnership (GESP)? If 'other', please state below.
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