HELL NO, TORNILLO!: A March in Support of Families and Human Rights -- July 7, 2018
Horrified by the 2300+ children forcibly separated from their families, with no plan for reunification? Opposed to the creation of permanent internment camps along our borders? Join us in Tornillo, Texas on July 7 to shout out our opposition and stand in solidarity with families, immigrants, asylum-seekers and above all, human beings.

Tornillo is approximately 30 miles East of El Paso, TX. We invite everyone to create carpools, share bus rentals, or take the lead in organizing a group, and bring others from your community. Can’t come but want to help? Donate at www.gofundme.com/hell-no-Tornillo. All proceeds not used for the rally will go to RAÍCES, an amazing non profit working on the border!

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