The Literacy Council - Tutor's Monthly Progress Report
Tutors: Please complete this report with your student by the 5th day of each month. If you have more than one student, submit individual reports for each one. Thank you!
What month(s) are you reporting on? *
Include information since your last report.
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Student's Name *
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Where did tutoring occur?
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What day and what time of day did you meet?
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Student: What is your current goal?
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Overall, what did you cover this month in your sessions? What progress has the student made towards accomplishing any goals? (i.e. reading to children, reading the Bible, preparing for a job, etc.)
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What materials are you using now? (Include real world and goal related materials: workbooks, flashcards, newspaper/ads, etc.)
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Tell us about any problems you encountered. What help can TLC provide? Text referrals/guidance?
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What do you plan to work on next month? (STUDENT: goals/skills. TUTOR: teaching methods/materials, etc.)
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Student: Rate your progress toward your goals.
1=Unacceptable, 2=Poor, 3=Average, 4=Good, 5=Excellent
How many hours did you schedule to meet this month?
Indicate how many hours were planned for tutoring, including follow up phone calls or emails.
How many hours did you actually meet this month?
Indicate how many hours were actually spent tutoring, including follow up phone calls or emails.
What are the reasons planned meetings were not held?
Student Cancelled
Tutor Cancelled
Student No Show
Tutor No Show
1 time
2 times
3 times
4 times
More than 4 times
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