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Hey Friends!

In this moment of #CancelEverything, we thought we'd put together something fun to make sure we have joy and connection in our lives no matter what! Enter: The Zoom Olympics!

Here's the deets:


The Zoom Olympics is a series of virtual mini games/challenges that you play with your team, competing against other teams. During each "Game Night", teams will play a specific "Game Board" created by a "Board Leader". Game Boards will be time-bound, virtual, accessible, social, fair, quirky, and created by you! (Volunteer to be a Board Leader and contribute a Game Board idea at https://tinyurl.com/zoom-olymp-boards). Similar to NCAA Basketball, the Zoom Olympics will consist of a Regular Season (March 23 - April 10) and an Elimination Tournament (April 13 - TBD).


Each team will have three members, and since everything is virtual, they can be near or far away.
You can sign up as a full 3 member team, as 2 person team who will be assigned a free agent, or a free agent who will be put on a team by the Zoom Olympics "Game Boys" (Evan Kuras and Conor Sullivan)


March 22nd (midnight) - Team Sign Ups close!
March 22nd (midnight) - Board Leader Sign Ups close!
March 23rd - You will be given your schedule for the regular season and your team assignments if you are a free agent.
REGULAR SEASON March 23rd - April 10th -- During these three weeks, based on your teams availability, you will play 3 regular season games.
ELIMINATION ROUNDS April 13th - TBD - Based on each team's scoring during the regular season, they will be seeded into a March Madness style bracket. Teams will move forward only if they win their match. At the end, one team will win the gold!


On the evening of one of your regular season Game Nights, log in to zoom with your team using the meeting code provided to you by the Board Leader and follow the instructions of the Game Board to play each mini game. Record your point total and send it to the Board Leader who will referee each Game Night.


The comfort and quarantine of your own home!


For fun! And connection! And glory!

Brackets and Betting:

Once teams are seeded into the elimination rounds, individuals can make  bracket predictions similar to the NCAA March Madness. The player with the closest bracket prediction selections an organization which we will send 40% of the donations.

How much:

There is a $5 buy in per person to play and $5 per person to create a bracket for the elimination round (creating a bracket is optional). All funds will be donated to a worthy cause.

Rahat Bathija is treasurer who will hold onto the funds until it is time to donate.
Please venmo him with the description "Zoom Olympics player entry fee" or "Zoom Olympics Bracket fee".
His venmo is @baba19. His venmo picture is "The Son of Man" a 1946 painting by Rene Magritte.

What do you get if you win?

The winning team will choose which organization 60% of the donations will go to and the individual with the best bracket will choose where the other 40% of the donations go to!

Become a Board Leader:

We need ideas for Game Boards! Sign up to create and lead an evening of fun activities (https://tinyurl.com/zoom-olymp-boards)

What do I do if I have questions?

Reach out to Conor Sullivan (conortlsullivan@gmail.com)  or Evan Kuras (erkuras@gmail.com)!
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