Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) "Secure Open Source" Nomination
The open source and free software ecosystem needs to be secure; thank you for your desire to help make that even more of a reality by suggesting a project for an SOS audit. Note that this form allows you to make a *suggestion*, not an *application* - please do not expect to hear back from us. Unlike other tracks of MOSS, Mozilla will take the initiative to approach organizations it wishes to make offers to, perhaps guided by a suggestion, perhaps not.

NOTE: Before making a suggestion please make sure the project meets the criteria for the MOSS Program 'Secure Open Source' track (found at

If you join the public mailing list for MOSS at: ,  you can receive updates on the progress of the MOSS program. Again, we do not commit to replying directly to the submitter of every SOS audit suggestion, so *please do not expect to hear back from us*.
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Project name: *
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You do not need to be connected to the project in order to recommend them for an SOS award.
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Project website: *
This needs to be somewhere we can obtain the source code.
Project description: *
What copyright license or licenses cover the project's source code? *
Does the project contain any proprietary code, or depend on or use a proprietary web service? *
If so, please give details.
What is the maintenance status of the project? *
Is the project actively maintained? If so, please give contact details of the maintainers and indicate whether they are aware of and/or supportive of this application. When was the most recent release?
How popular is the project? How many installed/used instances are there? *
Please give as much data as possible, including the source of any numbers.
Please give pointers to advisories or other documentation for any recent security bugs that have been found in the project.
Has the project had a security source code audit before? If so, when and how extensively? *
If it has been audited before and the report is public, please give the URL.
What formal or informal corporate involvement is there in the development process? *
Why do you think this project is a suitable recipient of an SOS award? *
This is the most important question. Please refer to the criteria at . Also, please explain in what ways the code is exposed to attackers, and the possible impact of a security problem.
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