3Speak Citizen Journalist Application Form
In order to be a 3CJ (a Citizen Journalist on 3Speak) you must be willing to film local political
events in an unbiased way. You must do everything you can to see the story from both sides
and ask questions from both sides, without putting a bias on the event.

A 3CJ is a role that carries a lot of social responsibility and can be a difficult and selfless task,
especially if you are reporting events that inflame high political tensions.

3Speak will only support 3CJ’s who behave with the highest integrity and journalistic ethics.
3 speak assumes no liability or responsibility for 3CJ’s. 3 CJ’s do not represent 3Speak and act
independently. 3Speak assumes no liability or responsibility for any harm that comes to any
3CJ’s. 3 CJ’s are independent and fully responsible for their own actions and do not take any
instruction from 3Speak.

You can apply to be a 3 Speak Citizen Journalist by submitting your CV, a video telling us about
yourself (see details below). Submitting evidence of previous experience in journalism or
related journalism qualifications will help in your application to become a 3Speak Citizen

Submitting evidence that you have completed journalism courses such as those at
WeAreChange (see link below) will help in you being accepted as a 3Speak Citizen Journalist.


You MUST have a steem account to be a content creator on 3speak, you can buy one here:
Please save your keys somewhere safe.
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