Love A Cat Charity Questionnaire
Questionnaire form for potential adopters. Please understand that we ask the following questions out of concern and love for these sweet cats and kittens that we have raised. We trust you to answer honestly.

Mahalo, Love A Cat Charity
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What kind of cat/kitten are you interested in? (If there is a specific kitty you like or a specific foster you have been speaking to, please write their name here) *
Will you agree to keep this cat TOTALLY INDOORS - no lanai privileges or outdoor privileges at all? (Indoor cats live an average of 18 years while outdoor cats have an average life of 18 MONTHS). *
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Do you currently have a cat? Please tell us about your cat! (gender/age/temperament) ***Which vet do you go to? *
Have you previously had a cat? If so, how long did it live for? If you gave it away, could you please tell us why? *
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How does your dog feel about cats?
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If you are a military family - do you expect to move a lot?
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Thank you for your responses. Someone from Love A Cat Charity will be in touch with you soon. Mahalo nui!
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