Teacher Ambassador Application (2019-2020)
Welcome Teachers! If you are searching for ways to be a part of a positive and supportive community while making a difference with your students - YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!

The Teacher Ambassador is a teacher who partners with Give More HUGS to encourage and empower their students to participate in leadership trainings through warmups and guest speakers in their classroom (several are pre-recorded and help support student reflections, class discussions and service projects). This program is a win-win. Teachers who are accepted into the program are required to complete the following:
BookShare with their middle or high school students.
Warm-ups that are designed for your students to reflect about service, leadership and literacy.
Teacher Ambassador retreat during the school year to share project stories and connect with a diverse group of teachers in Texas.

Teachers dive into an unforgettable experience serving as mentors for students in their classroom, school and community. Together, we will share a love for learning, service and community with your students. By joining this program, teachers will receive some awesome benefits:

Develop your own teacher leadership
Receive up to 1000 books for a Title 1 Elementary School to share the love for reading with diverse students (bi-lingual, English Learners and At-Risk)
Support your students' reading and leadership growth
Access to a network of educators and professionals that support you and your classroom!
Select teachers will be invited to a Teacher retreat (all paid expenses)

Teachers from Texas are encouraged to apply! Together, we can change the lives of children through literacy and build a positive community for teachers!

Please fill in the information below to be considered for the TEACHER AMBASSADOR PROGRAM. We look forward to reading your responses and will contact you shortly with your application status. Deadline for applications is July 12, 2019.
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