MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM for Association of the Telecommunications Industry of Singapore (ATIS)
Types of membership:
* Corporate : firm or company registered with Singapore Accounting & Corporate Regulating Authority (ACRA). One-time entrance fee= $360; Annual fee= $360.

* Associate- firms: firm or company not registered with ACRA; organization, society or association. One-time entrance fee= $360; Annual fee= $360.

* Associate-individual: Individual person (benefits will be for this person only, not extended to his/her organisation). One-time entrance fee= $160; Annual fee= $160.

* Student: students of any tertiary institution of learning. One-time entrance fee= $30; Annual fee= $30.

* Honorary: reputable, influential, and knowledgeable individual in telecom field or community.

* Diplomatic: officer of diplomatic missions.

Note 1: Only Corporate members are voting members at General Meetings of Members (including AGM).
Note 2: For Honorary and Diplomatic membership: Fees not applicable. Membership shall be at the recommendation of an ATIS Executive Council Member and subject to Exco approval.
Type of membership applied for *
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