St. John's University Queens Campus Sexual Violence Resource Evaluation
TRIGGER WARNING: This document contains sensitive language about sexual violence.

This is a survey to evaluate the effectiveness of campus resources for sexual violence. Sexual violence includes sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, stalking, indecent exposure, degrading sexual imagery, cyber harassment, and voyeurism. This survey may take 20 minutes to complete.
The first section is designed to gather basic information about the population surveyed. The second section contains questions about experiences of sexual violence. The third section is an evaluation of the popular channels of dealing with sexual violence at St. John's University in Queens. The final section contains exit questions about the movement against sexual violence in the United States.
This survey was created by St. John's chapter of the NAACP, the Black Student Union and Students of Consciousness. These responses are anonymous and will come to the Students Of Consciousness account. The data and statistics will likely be shared publicly.

What is your race? Race is a socio-political construct based on physical features. We are referring to how you are racialized, or perceived, in the United States. Some examples of race are white, Black, and Asian. Race is not ethnicity (Haitian, Jewish, African-American), religious affiliation (Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist) or nationality (Colombian, Spanish, Indian). *
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What is your gender identity? Gender identity is a socio-political construct based on societal roles and expectations for behavior. Some examples of gender identity are male, female, and non-binary. *
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