HPLHS Fan Survey
Hi. We're trying to gather information from Lovecraft fans about things they like and don't like, and how they interact with the mythos. All questions are voluntary, but the more answers you provide the more you will help us make plans for future projects. All participants who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for prizes of a $100 HPLHS Gift Card, a $50 HPLHS Gift Card and five $20 HPLHS Gift Cards. Card-carrying HPLHS members will also be eligible for a special bonus stamp! We look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks!
How much do you enjoy Lovecraft/the Cthulhu Mythos?
Not including HPL, please name your five favorite authors/artists.
Your answer
Please name your five favorite books/stories.
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Please name your five favorite TV/web shows.
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Please name your five favorite movies.
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Please name your five favorite podcasts.
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Please name three magazines/newspapers/publications that you regularly read.
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How would you rank these ways to experience Lovecraft/mythos stuff?
Never tried it
Don't like it
Take it or leave it
Enjoy it
One of my favorites
Reading the stories
Reading comics/graphic novels
Playing board games/RPGs
Playing video games
Audio dramas
Action figures/toys/props
Viewing/creating artwork
Listening to/creating music
Visiting Lovecraftian places
Unholy rituals
How often do you watch movies in an actual theater?
How often do you watch movies on DVD or BluRay?
How often do you watch movies on cable TV?
How often do you watch movies via a streaming service?
Please tell us what kinds of games, if any, you like to play.
Is your interest in mythos/horror genre stuff something you do on your own or something that you share with friends?
Do you attend Lovecraft-related events (e.g. NecronomiCon, the HPL Film Festival, etc.)?
How often do you use the following sites/apps?
A few times a week
Once in a while
Do you know there's an international society created by HPL fans for HPL fans that makes a wide variety of great Lovecraft-inspired products?
Lovecraft fandom...
How do you feel about new/original mythos content?
With Lovecraftian products, which do you prefer to buy?
For digital things like apps and videos, which is better?
The best Lovecraftian t-shirts are...
How did you first encounter the mythos?
If you have kids, have you introduced them to the mythos?
Lovecraft had vivid dreams and often used them as the basis of his stories. How would you describe your dreams?
Where do you go to find neat new Cthulhu mythos stuff?
Guillermo del Toro's mega-budget Lovecraft film:
How much would you estimate you spend on mythos genre-related stuff per year? (Be honest: we won't tell!)
C'mon HPLHS, give me more... (pick your top three)
Which of these other hobbies/activities do you enjoy?
Who is your favorite Lovecraftian hero?
Who is your favorite Lovecraftian villain?
What is your favorite Lovecraftian monster?
Who is your favorite Lovecraftian god?
What is your favorite Lovecraftian locale?
The word "R'lyeh" best rhymes with...
Please indicate to what degree, if any, you believe the following phenomena might be "real".
Do not believe in it at all
Very much doubt it
Don't know
Am inclined to believe
Belive in it completely
Intelligent extraterrestrial life
UFOs visiting earth
Time travel
Parallel dimensions
Reality itself
Loch Ness Monster
Ancient civilization a la Graham Hancock, et al.
Past lives
Flat earth
Global warming
Government conspiracy
New World Order
Evolution via natural selection
Big Bang theory
Organ theft
Snuff films
Satanic ritual abuse of children
Demonic possession
Please tell us briefly what currently non-existent Lovecraftian/mythos product you would most like to see.
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Please tell us briefly what complaints you have, if any, with the mythos stuff that is already available.
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