Critical Animals Proposal Form 2016
Produced by Octapod, Critical Animals presents their festival alongside the wonderful Crack Theatre Festival and National Young Writer's Festival as part of This is Not Art. If you keen to get involved with TiNA but are unsure which presenter to pitch your idea to, get in touch and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. Email:
2016 Theme: Madness of Many
With the success of last year’s Out Of Place Symposium fresh in our minds we want to explore ideas around folie à plusieurs - the Madness of Many that gives momentum to your seemingly absurd schemes and outlandish ideas. Think collaboration, the collective consciousness and the incubation of insanity beyond the silo of a single mind.

As always, our applications are open to anyone whose work experiments within the experience and interpretation of critical research. We aim to present an intellectually robust yet accessible program of audience-focused events - conversation is key. Critical Animals in particular endeavours to catalyse, strengthen, and explore the links between creative practice and theory. We have a flexible definition of research that encompasses creative, experimental, interrogative, discursive, and practice-led approaches.

Please refer to our Call for Proposals Info Pack for more detail regarding the nature and aims for our symposium. This can be found on the Critical Animals website:

Deadline for Submissions: Midnight, 15 April 2016 (Extended).

Applications can be in written, audio or video format. You can:

- fill out the form below, OR
- email your answers to the questions in the form, OR
- email a video providing the information in the form, (4 minutes maximum) OR
- email an audio providing the information in the form (4 minutes maximum).

Emails can be sent to Critical Animals via

If you need assistance filling out this form, please contact us via

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