Strategy Call with Tony Loyd

*You want to build a business with a social impact. We want to help you achieve that goal. *

Use this form to request a complimentary 25-minute strategy call. This call is about YOU. You'll discuss your idea to start or grow a business that does social good. If you don't have a solid idea yet, that's OK. We'll brainstorm during the call.

You'll have the opportunity to join the Culture Shift Community - an exciting community of social entrepreneurs who are making an impact on the world. We are united by a common bond to do good in the world and help each other succeed.

NOTE: The Culture Shift Community is *not* for everyone. Submit this form, and immediately after you'll be able to schedule a 25 minute 1:1 Strategy Call with Tony. If you're not a great fit for the Culture Shift Community, we will let you know.

This form has five sections (including the section you are in now), and 19 questions. Please set aside 15 minutes to thoughtfully complete this form.

If you're ready to begin, let's get started...
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