Alpine Academy - Re-Enrollment 2021-2022
This form is used for CURRENT 2020-2021 enrolled students. This form is due March 12th to secure your spot in our program.
*Note - there will be additional forms needing signature in the Fall as policies and documents may change.
Email address *
First Name, Last Name of Guardian filling our Re-enrollment form:
Student you are Re-Enrolling or Withdrawing for 2021-2022 (First Name, Last Name) (List multiple students as needed) *
I intend to: *
If withdrawing your student, what school is your student transferring to?
Grade your student will be in for 2021-2022 *
Using Infinite Campus, please check that the information we have on file is still accurate to help you stay connected for upcoming events and 2021-2022 student/guardian orientations. For help with IC access, please contact the school. See example below of information that will need to be reviewed/updated.
Is the information we have on file still correct? *
If No, please provide updated information below:
I agree to facilitate my student's 90% rate or above attendance - per Alpine Academy's policies.
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I agree that in order to make a meaningful experience for our family, communication both to and from school is critical (calling the school, responding to emails/calls)
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I agree to facilitate my student's positive credit accrual by committing to interventions designated by the school (mandatory after school, tutoring, or additional days on campus).
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I agree that checking online academic progress via Infinite Campus is critical to my student's success.
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Students will be given a Course Scheduling Request form prior to Spring Break. They will use this form to choose their classes for next year. *Note, some course offerings may change prior to 2021-2022 school year.
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