- Application for Summer 2017 Internship
Hey there! You must be an awesome student if you're coming to apply for a internship. We have a paid opportunity for college students across the US - read on below!

*At this time, we are currently not accepting applications for our Money Mentor internship. However, our other available opening is the "Outreach Leader" role.*

As a Outreach Leader, you will learn how to host financial aid workshops to high schools within your community! You will be supporting our mission of helping thousands of low to middle income students across the country to make information on the financial aid process more accessible, easier to understand, and help students make smarter financial decisions overall.

This position is perfect for students who are pursuing education and policy, marketing, communications, financial services, advising, and counseling (but all majors are welcome to apply).

+ Host financial aid presentations to high schools in your community and facilitate in class workshops to help students get paired with their Money Mentor
+ Coordinate with your City Captain (team leader) on which workshops to lead
+ Attend an online training to build your presentation and mentorship skills

+ Pay is $1/student sign up and text engagement at a presentation (ex. 150 students = $150).
+ Bonuses are awarded for successfully booking another workshop with the school!

+ You would be traveling around your city/community to visit high schools

+ Must be a current college or graduate student (no alumni nor high school students should apply)
+ Any majors can apply
+ Must be aligned with our mission
+ Be accountable and sociable

+ You can learn Presentation skills, to Operations & Data Analysis skills, to Finance skills
+ 1-on-1 advice and mentorship sessions with senior leaders in NextGenVest’s Team!
+ Get featured in our articles through either Forbes, CNN Money, HuffPost, and more
+ Opportunity to get promoted to City Captain with higher pay and new skills to be trained on (marketing, professional development, and team management)
+ We'll also give you a free NextGenVest hoodie or t-shirt 😊

July 24th to September 4th, 2017

For any questions, please email

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We are currently not accepting applications for our Money Mentor internship.
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Why Become a NextGenVest Intern? - Sheryl, NYU Stern
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