Behaviour Policy at Portree - School Community Review
This review is designed to gather feedback on the development of the Promoting Positive Behaviour (PPB) policy at Portree High School.

The school recognizes that pupils want to work hard to achieve and meet their aspirations.

We are continuing to develop policies designed to support teaching and learning. We aim to increase our use of positive and restorative methods tailored to the needs of the Portree High School community.

You will also have the opportunity to feedback in discussion groups.

This survey is designed to capture the views of all members of the school community, set discussion questions, and to identify successes as well as gaps in policy and potential for improvement.

(We estimate that it will take 10-15 minutes to complete this survey. Unfortunately, it will not save any selected options, so you should aim to complete this in one sitting without closing your browser window.)

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Lots of things happen at school, and people behave in many different ways! Strong relationships, and inclusion of all different types of people has been recognised as a key strength at Portree High School.

1. Positive Behaviour: In this survey, "positive behaviour" refers to all behaviour which contributes to a happy, productive and enjoyable working environment.

Examples of these are endless! It could include:
- being on time,
- being prepared,
- being polite, e.g. holding the door open for someone,
- helping others with their work,
- volunteering,
- doing a kind deed, and
- going beyond expectations.

2. Inappropriate Behaviour: In this survey, "inappropriate behaviour" refers to all behaviour which makes it harder for students and staff to work in a happy, productive and enjoyable environment.

Examples of this could be:
- incorrect uniform,
- talking when others are talking, and
- ignoring instructions,
- offensive or dangerous behaviour.

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