BEST Cabin Trip
Welcome to the application form! If you want to join us for an wonderful weekend at an amazing cabin continue reading:

The cabin is quite close to the last tram stop so you will not have to carry your stuff for more than 15-20 minutes. Location of the cabin:
The cabin has electricity, sauna and beds.

We will invite you to a whatsapp group after you have filled in the form.
There you will receive all the information concerning the trip and when and where the fee should be paid. :)

Price: 250 NOK

- slippers (it can be cold in the cabin)
- a sleeping bag (there are no sheets for the beds)
- waterbottle(s) for the small hike
- clothes/shoes for hiking
- some snacks for the small hungerish feelings
- weatherly clothes (don't overestimate your cold/rain-resistency and risk getting sick)
- towel for shower
- swimwear (SAUNA!!!)
- change of clothes
- bus card/ticket for the tram (zone A)

If you have any questions or concerns:
Contact us at

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Looking forward to meeting you!
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