2021 Booking
Hello! Thank you for your interest!
To get onto my booking list, please fill out this form with the best of your ability. If your project interests me, I will contact you and we will continue the process from there.
Authors continuing their series with me will have priority.

If you're here for premade continuations, let me know somewhere in the form! (Prices for premade continuations are cheaper than regular customs)

January (FULL)
February (FULL)
March (FULL)
April (FULL)
May (FULL)
June (FULL)
July (FULL)
August (FULL)
September (FULL)

If the month you wanted to book for is full, put down your second preference and in the comment section, let me know which month you wanted originally. If I finish all customs in that month early, I can also work on your custom then. *PLEASE ONLY DO THIS IF IT'S AN URGENT COVER AKA YOU'RE PUBLISHING SOON*
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