Application to Join the Terror Community
So you heard about us, huh? Well, provide some insight into yourself, and we'll consider allowing you into the exclusive club known as Terror.
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First name is fine, or a nickname based on your Steam handle
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Do you like memes?
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How active are you on Destiny (average weekly hours) *
Why do all the people around you think you're a cutie? *
Why is Hunter the best class, and why do you play it? *
Who hurt you the most?
What kinds of personal growth in Destiny are you currently striving towards?
In PvE, are you more about the casual content or more serious? *
E.g. strikes, seasonal activities vs GM NFs, raids
Do you know that fire is bad?
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If a deaf guy beats you in a 1v1, do you want to know or would you rather not know the information to save your ego? *
Which of these are acceptable excuses/responses for dying in a raid? *
Can you beat Cap in a 1v1? *
How did you hear about Terror? *
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