The DJI Phantom 4 accessories survey
1. Do you own a DJI Phantom 4? *
2. Have you already bought accessories for your Phantom 4? *
3. Which accessories have you bought?
4. List the accessories you have bought. Are you happy with them?
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5. Which accessories are you considering buying? *
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6. If you could choose only ONE accessory, which one would you buy? *
7. How likely will you buy each accessory for your Phantom 4? *
Not at all
Most likely
Prop Guards
Travel Case / Backpack
FPV System
Led / light kit
Car charger
Extra charger
Sun shade (for monitor)
GPS locator
ND filters
Extra memory card
New tablet
8. Which accessory would you like to see available in the future?
Unleash your creativity!
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9. Have you built/3D printed any accessory yourself? If yes, which one?
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10. Any extra note about Phantom 4 accessories?
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