Preschool Parent Survey January-February, 2020 (RHES)
Below you will find questions that will help the preschool program determine the quality of services and the level of parent satisfaction. The results of the information received will be used for program planning. Please take a few minutes to complete this form and please feel free to be completely honest.
My child feels safe and comfortable at the Rolling Hills Preschool. *
As a parent, I feel welcome at Rolling Hills Preschool. *
The “Little Sprouts-Watch Us Grow!” Orientation event was informative and valuable. *
Are there any suggestions (or changes) you would like to see for the preschool orientation process? *
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The staff at the Rolling Hills Preschool are available and willing to discuss my child's needs. *
Communication from the school is regular, clear and concise. *
The preschool program recognizes and meets my child's unique, individual characteristics, interests, abilities, and needs. *
If I have a question regarding my child or the preschool program, I can go to a staff member and get it answered in a timely manner. *
The curriculum and activities are appropriate and challenging for my child. *
I am aware of, and previously accessed, the District "Preschool Webpage" on the Northeastern Local website. *
I have received adequate information about the following information (Check all boxes that apply) *
My child's teacher has helped me understand their development. *
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